• More intelligent search technology

    Like no other legal search engine on the market, JustCite’s search algorithms consider the relationships between cases and use the inherent power of this citation network to help you find leading authorities in seconds.

  • Fast decision-making on the status of the law

    JustCite shows you how legal documents cite and relate to eachother more clearly than any other legal database. You can learn how cases and legislation have been applied and interpreted, and make fast decisions on the value of legal precedents and the status of the law.

  • Visualisation: a new way to discover cases

    Legal research can be as much about discovery as it is about searching. The JustCite Precedent Map is a first-of-its-kind visualisation tool that brings relevant cases to your attention in a simple, graphical, and interactive way that traditional search methods cannot do.

  • A global law index for the future of legal research

    JustCite cross-references authorities from a growing number of common law jurisdictions around the world. In addition to half a million UK and EU documents, JustCite now connects cases from countries including Australia, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, Singapore, South Africa, and USA.

  • A community of legal professionals online

    As well as exclusive content from our in-house editorial staff, subscribers can write about documents indexed on JustCite. Legal professionals and academics can author commentaries to explain and advance the learning on cases, legislation and developing areas of law.