Enhanced sites now live

7th June 2012

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Irish Reports back to 1901 fully indexed on JustCite

6th August 2012

Long-established on the Justis online legal library, the Irish Reports are now fully indexed on the JustCite citator back to 1901. To achieve this, we undertook a huge in-house editorial project, which brings to all JustCite users numerous benefits, including: … Continue reading

The multi-multi-jurisdictional JustCite citator

30th July 2012

JustCite, the provider-neutral and multi-jurisdictional citator, captured the imagination of the legal editors at Ireland’s top newspaper, the Irish Times, this morning. But they weren’t commenting on anything directly related to Ireland; they’d picked up on our important indexing work … Continue reading

Enhanced sites now live

7th June 2012

Significant changes to the Justis full-text legal library and JustCite citator went live this morning. Best explained visually, the main improvements are summarised at   New Quick Start Guides for Justis and JustCite are now available, as are guidelines … Continue reading

England and Wales Criminal Appeal Judgments now live on Justis

9th February 2012

The new England and Wales Criminal Appeal Judgments series went live on the Justis full-text legal library this week. Complementing the England and Wales Civil Appeal Judgments, which was released late last year, the new collection brings 89,000 criminal decisions … Continue reading

Poetic JustCite at Advanced Advocacy Course

7th September 2011

Having manned an IT-support station, representatives from Justis Publishing have just returned from Keble College, Oxford, where JustCite was the exclusive sponsor of the South Eastern Circuit’s world-renowned Advanced Advocacy Course. Attended by nearly 100 junior barristers from numerous common … Continue reading

AALL it’s cracked up to be

30th June 2011

Taking place in Portland from 12th to 15th July, this year’s Annual Meeting & Conference of the American Association of Law Libraries will be attended by three members of the Justis Publishing Team. One of them, our customer trainer David Finch, has … Continue reading

Every man has his (cut) price: scissors at the ready at Justis Publishing

30th June 2011

Our development manager, Andy Twidle, is leading the way in Justis Publishing’s latest fundraising initiative for Cancer Research UK. He and four of his colleagues, Stu, Sasha, David and Chris, will soon be in lucky receipt of a severe, grade one … Continue reading

Barristers now on JustCite

19th April 2011

If you practise at the Bar of England and Wales, the chances are that you are now on JustCite. This is the result of a new arrangement with Havers Companion to the Bar, which maintains bibliographic and contact information on over … Continue reading

New visualisation tool on JustCite

22nd February 2011

We are very proud to announce the launch of the JustCite Precedent Map – an exciting and unique new addition to the service which went live this afternoon. The Precedent Map is a novel way of visualising the relationships between … Continue reading

Tweeting @ twenty-five

31st January 2011

Justis Publishing now has a sparkly new Twitter profile at @JustisPub. We’re tweeting several updates a day, including ultra-short summaries of our latest EU bulletins, legal and technical news, events, and light-hearted observations and thoughts from the home of electronic law … Continue reading

Justis Silver Jubilee

1st January 2011

2011 is Justis Publishing’s silver jubilee year. With the birth of Justis CELEX online back in 1986, Justis Publishing – or Context, as it then was – was born. 25 years on and several gestations later, its family of products on … Continue reading

Interview with Justis MD

5th October 2010

An interview with Masoud Gerami, long-serving managing director of Justis Publishing, has been published in the Australian Law Librarian, following its original publication in the UK. The former programmer and co-founder of the company talks about the history of online … Continue reading

JustCite: a legal citator is reborn

28th September 2010

“One of the few technological developments that genuinely succeeds in making a lawyer’s life easier” A decade after its first release, the third and most mould-breaking incarnation of the provider-neutral JustCite citator and search engine went live today. Running in … Continue reading

Unofficial popular case names on JustCite

3rd August 2010

What’s that one with, you know, the one with the beer, the bottled beer, wasn’t it? Budweiser I think it was, erm, you know, that Budweiser case? Forgotten the party names? No idea of the court or year, let alone … Continue reading

New eFocus Group: help shape our products

29th July 2010

Justis Publishing has set up a virtual focus group to help improve and develop Justis, JustCite and JustCite Tools. Though we have a longstanding informal tradition of incorporating our customers’ and prospects’ ideas into our editorial and technical programmes, we felt that a … Continue reading

Add a free customised JustCite search box to your website

26th July 2010

The popular JustCite Search Box, which can be added to your company website or intranet, can now be customised to your own tailored requirements by employing our online and easy-to-use new JustCite Search Box Builder. With the new Search Box Builder … Continue reading

JustCite used on advanced advocacy course

23rd July 2010

Justis Publishing is providing trials of its versatile JustCite citator to those preparing for the prestigious Keble Course in advanced advocacy. Taking place in the first week of September, the four-day residential course in Oxford is will be attended by the top … Continue reading

JustCite Search Box Builder – Coming Soon

19th May 2010

Justis Publishing is developing a free and easy-to-use tool for customising and uploading the popular JustCite Search Box to your website or intranet. We currently offer an off-the-peg JustCite Search Box, which allows your users to enter a query and be … Continue reading

Lawtel linking at last

12th May 2010

The provider-neutral JustCite citator now offers links to Lawtel, the legal current awareness service from Sweet & Maxwell. Along with similar links to material from numerous third-party full-text online services, these clearly labelled hyperlinks appear on the dropdown menus embedded … Continue reading

JustCite: “provides a tool to better exploit the investments made in multiple databases”

11th May 2010

The provider-neutral JustCite citator has been reviewed by law librarian Helen Watson in one of Cambridge University Press’s leading journals, Legal Information Management. Along with the emboldened quote in the headline above, Helen highlighted JustCite’s extensive coverage, its “good clean … Continue reading