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7th June 2012

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JustCite: “provides a tool to better exploit the investments made in multiple databases”

11th May 2010

The provider-neutral JustCite citator has been reviewed by law librarian Helen Watson in one of Cambridge University Press’s leading journals, Legal Information Management.

Along with the emboldened quote in the headline above, Helen highlighted JustCite’s extensive coverage, its “good clean search interface and navigation between pages [being] intuitive and simple,” its “easy to use and forgiving” Quick Search engine, more detailed searches, sorting results and the citator’s additional functionality.

Her report, which can be read in full here, isn’t entirely free from constructive criticism. But our development and market research teams welcome this feedback, as we do all customer views; and we consistently demonstrate putting many suggestions into practice.

One such suggestion, flagged up by Helen and many users over the past couple of years, is to link to Lawtel.

And on this front we are pleased to announce action: we’re virtually there. See this related story.

We welcome all reviews in respected media. If you plan to write one, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 20 7267 8989.