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7th June 2012

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JustCite Search Box Builder – Coming Soon

19th May 2010

Justis Publishing is developing a free and easy-to-use tool for customising and uploading the popular JustCite Search Box to your website or intranet.

We currently offer an off-the-peg JustCite Search Box, which allows your users to enter a query and be directed straight into JustCite proper if your organisation subscribes to JustCite or to the free version of the citator if it doesn’t.

But, unlike the current version of the Search Box, which requires a one-size-fits-all block of HTML to be pasted into the page on which you want the Search Box to be displayed, the new search box builder provides an interface to easily customise the design of the search box to your own tailored requirements .

As an alternative access point via your organisation’s intranet or website, the JustCite Search Box – which remains free – not only gives users with login rights a handy route into the service but it prompts them into using the service in the first place.

The new search box builder will be released around the end of June