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7th June 2012

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Every man has his (cut) price: scissors at the ready at Justis Publishing

30th June 2011

Our development manager, Andy Twidle, is leading the way in Justis Publishing’s latest fundraising initiative for Cancer Research UK.

He and four of his colleagues, Stu, Sasha, David and Chris, will soon be in lucky receipt of a severe, grade one haircut. Or most of them should be.

Following the money-spinning success of Movember 2009 – almost the reverse of this caper – and a number of bring-your-own-home-cooked-food-and-sell-it-for-charity days this year at Justis HQ, the currently rather hirsute Andy has set up a page at!, where he and his comrades can be sponsored by generous/vindictive members of the public.

The Barbershop Quintet’s appointment with our scissors-wielding office manager-cum-hairdresser, Leane, is due at 4.30pm here on Friday. But unless the requisite amount is raised, some of the volunteers’ stylish quiffs could remain intact.

At the time of writing, Chris could receive a late reprieve – and we wouldn’t want that.

So get sponsoring at!

Twidle: before and, based on an (unskilled) artist’s impression, after