The JustCite Knowledge Base

The purpose of this Knowledge Base is to supplement the main user-level help files by providing as much detail as we can about the technology, data and processes that together form the JustCite service. By providing this information, we hope to help our advanced users get the very best out of the service by increasing their understanding of what goes on “under the bonnet”. In these pages we therefore detail our editorial policies, the precise scope of our index and a great deal of information on our extraordinary search technology.
Accordingly, the information contained herein is primarily aimed at librarians and information officers, and some of it is fairly technical in nature. There is much here that will also be of value to practitioners, especially the Indexed Titles section, but it is assumed throughout that the reader is an experienced, computer-literate legal researcher who is already familiar with the basics of how to use JustCite. Others will be better served by our other support resources, such as: NEW: Get certified on JustCite. Click here to find out how.