JustCite Proficiency Test 

Once you are confident in using JustCite, why not prove your competence by taking our free Proficiency Test?

Getting certified on legal research tools provides you with a concrete demonstration of your commitment to improving your legal research skills, and can enhance your employability.

You will have as much time as you need, but you should be able to complete this test within 45 minutes. There are 25 questions and there are two levels of qualification. A Pass mark is awarded for a score of 18-22. If you score 23 or over you will be awarded a Distinction.

If you pass the test, regardless of your score, you will initially receive a Pass certificate by default, so if you have scored over 90% please allow 2 to 3 working days for receipt of the electronic Distinction certificate. If you don’t pass first time, you are welcome to retake the test and will not be penalised for doing so.

Any participant scoring 100% on their first attempt will be entered into our Hall of Fame. How many have ever managed it? Click here to find out.

When you are ready, click here to take the test.

Most of the questions will require you to use the service to find particular pieces of information, so make sure you have JustCite open in a different browser tab or window before starting the test.

We will send you an electronic certificate on your successful completion of the test. The test questions are all based around The JustCite Workbook (PDF) – so make sure you read it properly before you start.

To give yourself the best chance of passing, you will need:

  • Some legal knowledge – As a legal research tool, JustCite assumes the user has a certain level of legal knowledge. The test therefore makes a similar assumption.
  • Access to JustCite – The questions are practical in nature and will require you to use the live service to find the answers – so open a fresh browser window.
  • At least 45 minutes without interruption – Many of the questions require careful reading, so you should ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum.
  • The JustCite Workbook (PDF)- You should review this guide to the service and make sure you are familiar with its contents. All topics covered in the guide are potentially examinable.

The test is intentionally quite challenging and will require you to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the service. Before you start, please at least review the help files and the The JustCite Workbook (PDF). Ideally, you should also attend a training session on JustCite. If none are scheduled at your organisation or institution, please ask your librarians to email our training team.

Should you fail you are welcome to retake the test. Bear in mind that the test questions are randomly selected from a large pool and you will be presented with a different set of questions each time.