Havers on JustCite 

Havers’ Companion to the Bar is a directory of chambers and barristers in England and Wales, and is available in electronic form on JustCite. Barristers are linked to their respective chambers, and each barrister has a profile page. Unlike the rest of JustCite’s content, the Havers pages are in front of the paywall and are visible to the whole world.

For solicitors, JustCite offers an easy way to find an appropriate barrister

Need a barrister who does personal injuries on a CFA and speaks Polish? Or a junior of at least ten years’ call with aviation experience? Under Advanced Search, there is a Barrister search form which allows you to specify your criteria.

Because the Havers data is outside the paywall, you can use JustCite to find barristers regardless of whether you subscribe to the rest of the JustCite service.

For barristers, JustCite is a valuable marketing tool

As the Havers on JustCite service evolves, barristers who have an account with Havers will be able to:

  • Edit and expand their profiles online directly within JustCite, specifying their practice areas, publications and representative cases.
  • Add new representative cases to their profiles, and have them automatically linked to the relevant Case Information Page on JustCite.
  • Annotate their own cases, and have their annotations visible to anyone viewing the Information Page for the case.

Barristers will then appear in subject keyword searches on JustCite alongside cases, legislation and so on, as well as being searchable from a specific form in the Advanced Search. It follows that the more complete a barrister’s profile is, the more likely they are to appear in searches relevant to their practice. Since the Havers pages are publicly accessible, they will also be more likely to appear in the results of relevant Google searches.

Barristers are listed in search results by seniority. Briefly, this means:

  • QCs first, sorted inter se by year of silk, followed by;
  • Juniors, sorted inter se by year of call.

Any barristers wishing to amend their Havers profile should do so via the Havers website. Please note that Havers make a modest annual charge for listing in their directory. Changes made by Havers will automatically be propagated to JustCite within 7 days.