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Research significant maritime decisions rendered by US courts
Searchable database of used and antiquarian books prints and maps
Full-text content from over 30 scholarly publishers
Australian and international legal material
British and Irish case law & legislation EU case law and other material
Information and analysis for professionals in business and government
Publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals for the global market.
Canada's leading publisher of legal texts and products
Non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada
A leading provider of integrated productivity tools for small to mid-sized associations, non-profit organizations, state agencies and local governments.
An online database of abbreviations for legal publications run by the University of Cardiff.
Canadian information source for legal tax & accounting and human resource professionals
Full-text judgements from the English Court of Appeal and High Court
Solutions for professionals in tax accounting law human resources and financial planning
German academic publisher.
Class Legal
International body dealing inter alia with human rights matters.
Database of the judgments of the courts of British Columbia.
Online database of the judgments of the courts of Ireland.
Online journals database from Cambridge University Press.
Publications of law firm SNR Dentons.
Publications of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Publisher of EBSCOhost, a leading provider of information services to libraries and corporations.
Weekly business magazine for the UK commercial property market
Official website of the EU
Decisions of the European Patent Office Boards of Appeal.
Family Law News & CPD
Hein Online - A source of legal information
Publications of Her Majesty's Courts Service.
The Hong Kong Legal Information Institute publishes the judgments of the courts of Hong Kong.
Official and most authoritative law reports in the UK
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland
Informa i-Law - case law legislation and news
Online articles from over 30,000 publications.
IPO - Government body responsible for granting UK IP rights
International Criminal Court
International Law Reports Ltd – Cayman Islands
Acts of the Oireachtas Statutory Instruments and Legislation Directory
Providers of the Jersey Law Online service.
Independent publisher of practical law books
Online publication of the Journal des Tribunaux.
Full-text case law and legislation dating back to 1163.
Publisher of the South African Law Reports and other titles.
Global information services and publishing
Official publishers of the court reports of the UK's principal offshore financial jurisdictions
Governing body for Scottish solicitors
Government portal to law and justice agencies and services in New South Wales
Service provided by the Singapore Academy of Law
Research service that delivers the law to you as it happens
Legal Workbench
Market information for commercial law firms and their clients
Lexis Library
LexisNexis Australia
LexisNexis New Zealand
LexisNexis Professional
LexisNexis Total Research System
LexisNexis US
LexisNexis via Athens/Shibboleth
Law reports background legislation and legal news for the life science industry
Maritime Law Book - Law reports indexes and databases
Ministry of Justice
Northern Ireland Assembly
Free access to New Zealand legal materials
Oireachtas Ireland
Office of Public Sector Information
International publisher of academic and research journals
Court of Papua New Guinea
The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Free legal resources in southern Africa
The Scottish Council of Law Reporting
Scottish Courts
Publishers of niche law reports.
The highest court of Canada and the final court of appeal in the Canadian justice system
The superior court for Queensland sitting around the middle of the Australian court hierarchy
A legal bookshop selling law books journals looseleafs CDs and online information services
Non-profit nonpartisan educational membership organization
Student-edited scholarly journal published at Georgetown University Law Center
W Green - Published by Thomson - Scottish Legal Texts and Law Reports
Thomson Reuters Australia
Round Hall - Ireland's Leading Legal Publisher
Thomson West
An Australian boutique e-publisher specialising in the development of innovative research tools
Provider of management of all the information organisations share with their audiences
UK Parliament
United Kingdom Supreme Court
University of Nottingham
University of Queensland
University of Warwick
The highest judicial body in the United States, leading the federal judiciary.
Legal Journal Publisher
Directory of solicitors, barristers, expert witnesses and legal services
Westlaw UK via Athens
Westlaw Australia
Westlaw Hong Kong
Westlaw International
Westlaw UK - Old Platform
Westlaw UK - New Platform
Westlaw UK (new) via Athens
Westlaw UK (new) via Shibboleth.
Online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities.