Unreported Cases 

In addition to the indexed report series, many unreported cases will appear on JustCite.

We receive around 7,000 transcripts a year from official transcribers Casetrack. We mark up decisions of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court, although not to the same extent as we would for reported cases. Specifically, we follow all of our usual marking up procedures, but we only add citator links to legislative provisions which are the main focus of the case.

The link back to the full transcript on Casetrack will appear under the neutral citation, along with links to Lawtel and BAILII. Some cases may also have links to Westlaw under their neutral citations.

Neutral citations and BAILII: JustCite derives its information on cases’ neutral citations from the Casetrack data rather than from BAILII. Not every case with a neutral citation will necessarily appear on BAILII, and we have no way to tell which do and which do not. We have therefore decided to have JustCite generate a BAILII URL for all neutral citations. Those cases which have a neutral citation but which do not appear on BAILII will return a “no results” message from BAILII upon following the link.

More information about which cases are likely to appear on BAILII can be found here, and more information on neutral citations generally here.

As of 2012, all cases from the Supreme Court and High Court are being added to JustCite and run through our usual marking up procedures as part of the process of their being reported in the Justis Irish Cases.

We cannot link through to the Courts.ie website as they do not support deep linking so the only links available through the neutral citations are to Justis and to BAILII.