Editorial Policies 

This section of the Knowledge Base deals with the different kinds of data that can be found on JustCite and how it is classified. This also includes the rules our editors follow when marking up cases.

There are three main types of data contained on JustCite, each with different amounts of information.

Editorial - This document is read by a legally trained member of the JustCite editorial team. The editor will add cross-links to cited cases and relevant legislation. Every editorial data source will have a Marked Up From date. This will be the year that the JustCite editorial team began to mark up the information. Data prior to this information will either be from a Data Feed or Reference Information Only.

Data Feed – The information is imported from another publisher’s editorial team into the JustCite database. The information provided differs between publishers, for more information on specific titles contact the helpdesk. Often, we will be unable to confirm the exact coverage available on JustCite, so N/A will be displayed in place of a definitive coverage period.

Reference Information Only – The JustCite database will only contain the name and reference of these documents, although there may be subsequent citations.

To help understand the differences between the different types of data, please use the table below.