EU Materials 

EU information comes from CELEX, the electronic database published by the Publications Office of the European Union. Data arrives in our full-text service Justis EU on the day of publication, but not in JustCite until the following day. This is because, for performance reasons, JustCite re-indexes its data only once in a 24-hour period.

Please take note of the following matters

  • Where EU case law is concerned, it is important to note that there is often a very significant lapse of time between a judgment being handed down by the Court and its appearance in the European Court Reports. This is believed to be due to translation requirements. As of 2009 the average length of time between delivery of the judgment and publication in the ECR was 21 months. CELEX Sector 6 is much more up to date.
  • CELEX Sector 8 currently has very little data within it, and EUR-OP only began generating material for it in late 2011. We have included it in the CELEX tables but not yet uploaded any data until it appears relevant.