Precedence of Courts 

There are several situations in which JustCite must determine the order of precedence for two or more courts, most notably in the Citation Concertina and the list of subsequent cases on the Case Information Page.

Precedence is worked out as follows:

  1. Highest court for the jurisdiction – for example, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom or the High Court of Australia.
  2. Federal courts of appeal or equivalent penultimate appellate courts, plus named Lord Justices of Appeal – for example, the Inner House of the Court of Session of Scotland.
  3. High Court or equivalent courts of first instance, plus state courts of appeal – for example, the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of England and Wales, or the Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan.
  4. Named judges of High Court or equivalent.
  5. Other minor or regional first instance courts.

Note that courts of all jurisdiction follow these rules, so the High Court of Singapore will be considered to have the same ranking as the High Court of England and Wales.