Order of Reported Series 

The Case Information Page on JustCite lists all of the parallel citations to the case at each stage of its appellate history.

JustCite sorts the list of parallel citations first by court, then by official judgment and then by precedence of report series. The most authoritative report of the judgment of each court in the case’s appellate history is listed underneath the Court assigned Neutral Citation, thereby making the task of determining which report must be cited in court a trivial process.

In compliance with the Practice Direction (Citation of Authorities) [2012] 1 WLR 780, with OSCOLA (Fourth Edn), and after consultation with the JustCite Focus Group, the order of report precedence used on JustCite is as follows:

  1. Official Judgment (Neutral Citation)
  2. The neutral citation is used for linking to BAILII, Justis  and to any other transcript services. A neutral citation should be constant across all other reports.

  3. The Law Reports
  4. The Weekly Law Reports
  5. The All England Law Reports
  6. Specialist Series
  7. If reported in more than one specialist series, series published by the ICLR will be considered most authoritative, then series from Sweet and Maxwell, then others.

  8. Times Law Reports
  9. WLR Digest (aka Daily Cases)
  10. Other Digests