At JustCite, we recognise that it doesn’t matter how good the information is if you can’t find it. Here you will find information about various aspects of JustCite’s search technology, including supported search operators and JRRE, our proprietary citation recognition engine.

There are also help guides to using some of the lesser known referencing styles, such as:

  • CELEX Numbers: The internal referencing system of the EU databases, this allows you to pinpoint EU documents swiftly.
  • English Reports References: The English Reports, one of the the oldest collections of case law, was orignially a combination of many smaller series. Also known as Nominate Reports, these old references often have multiple citations – here defined for ease of use.
  • Regnal Years: The referencing system for old UK acts of Parliament, used for over 700 years. They were defined by the monarch at the time.