Field-specific Searches 

JustCite supports restricting your search to specific fields. You can of course accomplish this using the Advanced Search form, but for advanced users it is usually quicker to enter the field restrictors right in the general search box.

The field restrictor syntax is:

Field [search terms]

For instance, the following search will return documents with “HSBC” in the title published after 2009:

All the usual search operators are supported. Allowed fields are as follows:

Field Name Description Scope Accepted Values
References Searches document citations Global Any
Title Searches document titles. For cases, searches party names. For legislation, searches short title. Global Any
DocumentType Restricts the search to documents of the specified type. Global case
Year Specify a year or year range. Year range operators are supported. Global Any
Abstract Search an article abstract Articles Any
Courts Restrict case searches to cases heard in a specific court or courts Cases See recognised court names
Keywords Search by subject keywords Cases, Articles Any
Repealed Specify whether to return only legislation in force or only repealed legislation Legislation 1 (repealed) 0 (in force)
AreasOfPractice Find a barrister by practice area. Barristers Any
YearOfCall Find a barrister by seniority. Barristers Year, Year Range or Date Operator
YearOfSilk Find leading counsel by seniority. Barristers Year, Year Range or Date Operator. Set to >0 to return any leading counsel but exclude juniors. Set to 0 to exclude leading counsel and return only juniors.
Region Find a set of chambers or an individual barrister by geographical location. Barristers, Chambers Any
Languages Find a barrister by language(s) spoken. Barristers, Chambers Any
DPA Find a barrister by whether they accept instructions under the Direct Access scheme. Barristers 1 (accepted) or 0 (not accepted)
CFA Find a barrister by whether they undertake work on a Conditional Fee Arrangement. Barristers 1 (accepted) or 0 (not accepted)
Author Find all articles written by a certain author. Articles Any

Some further examples:

  • capacity and Reference[MHLR] – will return cases with the keyword capacity reported in the Mental Health Law Reports.
  • "book debts" and Courts[hl or pc] – will return decisions of the House of Lords or Privy Council having to to with book debts.