What is JustCite?

JustCite is an online legal research platform that helps you find leading authorities and establish the current status of the law.

  • Helps you identify the leading case in seconds. JustCite search ranking considers the relationships between cases, not just keyword frequency
  • Marks up the specific effects of cases, so you know whether those cases are still “good law”
  • Shows you how legislation has been amended and applied in court
  • Is boosted by interactive visualisation tools, user-generated content and other ground-breaking features
  • Provides seamless links through to the full-text material of numerous other data suppliers’ platforms, including Justis, Lexis Library and Westlaw. If you have a subscription to those services, JustCite offers a simple route through to them

JustCite is not a full-text legal library. If you are looking for the full text of a case or piece of legislation, please see whether it’s covered by our other service, Justis.

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