JustCite Proficiency Test Hall of Fame 

Over the years, a small number of people have managed to score 100% on their first attempt at the JustCite Proficiency Test. Significantly less than 1% of all successful participants have achieved this accolade, and this page recognises the people and organisations who have made into the JustCite Proficiency Test Hall of Fame:

First Name Last Name Institution Certified On
Maximilian Henkensiefken College of Law (York) 02/02/2012
Asa Buchanan College of Law (York) 02/02/2012
Andre Low University College London 22/12/2012
Samuel Pearcey University of the West of England 01/02/2013
Eleanor Trott Bangor University 20/02/2013
Arran Kenny University of Nottingham 02/12/2013
Ojuolape Kalesanwo University of Nottingham 02/12/2013
Diane Snowden University of Nottingham 02/12/2013
Catherine Turner Open University 10/08/2014
Jason Blevins Muskegon County Law Library 30/09/2014
Nicole Axon Newcastle University 08/10/2014
Jordan Tough Newcastle University 09/10/2014
Jonathan Wilkinson Newcastle University 09/10/2014
Cheuk Kei Wong Newcastle University 09/10/2014
Morgan Copeman University of Kent 15/10/2014
Aaron Brandon Gomez University of Exeter 11/11/2014
Beng Chang Tan Australian National University College of Law 27/11/2014
Kar Mun Natalie Fok University of Exeter 06/12/2014
Christopher McMahon Trinity College Dublin 16/12/2014
Maxime Aumaitre Bangor University 13/03/2015

Do you have what it takes? Can you join the illustrious names above and earn the lifelong respect of your peers? Take the JustCite Proficiency Test now to find out!