JustCite indexes at least some content from all of the following jurisdictions. Be aware that the indexed content is not necessarily case law. Indexed content of any type, including journal articles, will suffice for a jurisdiction to appear in this list.

England and Wales128 indexed titles
International33 indexed titles
EU23 indexed titles
Malaysia21 indexed titles
Ireland19 indexed titles
Scotland11 indexed titles
Europe (non-EU)10 indexed titles
USA9 indexed titles
Australia4 indexed titles
Northern Ireland4 indexed titles
Canada3 indexed titles
Singapore3 indexed titles
UK2 indexed titles
Wales2 indexed titles
Jersey2 indexed titles
United Kingdom2 indexed titles
Africa (various)1 indexed title
UK & Ireland1 indexed title
Bermuda1 indexed title
Jamaica1 indexed title
British Virgin Islands1 indexed title
Hong Kong1 indexed title
Commonwealth1 indexed title
UK overseas territories and Crown Dependencies, and Commonwealth countries that have retained the appeal to Her Majesty in Council, or to the Judicial Committee1 indexed title
Caribbean1 indexed title
Central America and Caribbean1 indexed title
China1 indexed title
United States1 indexed title

NOTE: It is probable that for any given jurisdiction Justcite will recognise and provide citations for a significant number of other titles in addition to those titles which are actively indexed. JustCite also recognises titles from a large number of other jurisdictions.