Indexed Titles 

Documents listed in JustCite’s index fall into two basic categories; Indexed Titles and Recognised Titles.

Indexed Titles have full catchwords and citator information attached to them. They appear on JustCite via one of the four information sources. Follow the links below to access the full lists of Indexed Titles.

Recognised Titles will offer links to the full-text sources where they are available electronically, and may have citator information to the extent that they are referenced in Indexed Titles, but are unlikely to have catchwords or any other citator information independent of that derived from the Indexed Titles.  Recognised Titles appear on JustCite only because they are referenced by an Indexed Title, are too numerous to be documented in any useful fashion and are therefore not listed here.

You can access the full list of Indexed Titles by following the links below:

It is not uncommon for any given title to be indexed from a certain point in time, and prior to that to be recognised only. This is particularly true of journals. Check the coverage information attached to the relevant title for precise details as to the chronological scope of JustCite’s index of that title.